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Share and Make Aware was started in April 2009 by myself and Jen’a Fotheringham in hopes that we could educate the public and medical facilities to help avoid misdiagnosis of future patients and try to stop RSD from adding another person to it’s long list of those who will never be free.

Blessed as it is, Jen’a was free for a while of the RSD through a “burn out.” So most of the work of SAMA now falls on myself and a few others who also burn for a cure. Tied to the RSD Angels who help run RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me we seek to help those new to the pain find some comfort in this change in their life and those who have suffered a long time to help remind them that they are loved and appreciated each day.

Also for any companies/authors concerned about our reposting of their articles. Credit will always be directed and identify the site the article was found and any known authors. We would just share the link, but there have been too many great articles lost over the years to users not being able to maintain their costs or free hosters being acquired and links changing.

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  1. I recently got blood work done it came back positive for ANA my doctor wont help me I have an appointment with a specialist on the 22nd but i can’t wait any longer i have been in the er 3 times in the last month with flare ups Does anyone know of a good doctor that can help me with my pain I am a mother of 2 I can barely walk around PLEASE Does anyone know of a good doctor in or around the Spanish Fork utah are

  2. I have has RSD siñce Jan 2012. I was hit in a car accident head on. My rsd in in my entire left leg. Its crippling. I have 4 kids that need me. I need to be me again. This pain plays terrible tricks on your mind. Its the most horrible experience of my life. My entire family is suffering with me. I have no insurance. And need a new dr. Its so hard for anyone to understand what im dealing with.

    1. When it comes to finding a local doctor that is aware of RSD, I always recommend reaching out to the RSDSA group. They have a good list of doctors to contact about this. And I wish I could say you can be you again, but its unlikely life will go back. But there is life after RSD. It just means learning what your limitations are and taking a new approach. But YOU can do it. If only because you have 4 amazing motivators. Just they may have to learn to help you around the house more than they would have before as they grow up. But they can do it too. We as humans have an amazing ability to adapt to our surroundings or ways to over come challenges. Tap into that amazing skill you have dear.

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