Naanad, the Biography of Us (Me, Myself and I)

Feeling Amazing

A proud member of the “Oregon Train Generation”¬†and mother of a millennium baby. I often find myself on the net coding, reading, learning, or conversing with friends, family and strangers. Sometimes helping them with their daily battles in life and finding resolutions to troubles, other times having a grand time just laughing at little things on the net.

Naanad has been an integral part of my life since I started writing her life’s story in 1996 for a creative writing class in High School. Without her, I don’t think I’d be anything I am today. In early 1996 I started chatting in a role playing chat room for Vampires. Being the characters story was along a similar theme, but not quite, I decided to use her name online for my chat handle.

From that day on, I became a hinge for many people. The solid point in a door that no matter how it goes, it has to be there for the door to be a door. Naanad and it’s acronym was an easy to remember name, and unique in the English speaking world, so I became easily located, I have many accounts across the net, have kept the email address for “notifications” frequently updated. So if someone from my old chatting days needed to find someone, the looked for Naanad, and likely she knew how to find them.

There are a few people I still seek to this day, but I accept I can’t be the best cyber stalker out there, but at least I hope they know I’m thinking of them and that they are doing well.

Since then, I’ve gone onto finish with a BA in college, solidified my love for computers, despite an early childhood hatred for them. And have added multiple languages to my skills list that are nearly unusable in my current regions of residence.

But I love them none the less.


University of Northern Iowa

  • Religion Major
  • Russian Minor

Favorite Past Times

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Spending time with my son
  • Looking for digital art

Personal web sites


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