Something to Think About

When you woke up this morning did you ever think, “Man, Dads going to die today, maybe I should tell him I love him?” Or maybe your best friend are fighting because your ex choose him over you. So he dies this afternoon in an accident at work. Do you think it was worth knowing you and him hadn’t talked in a couple days all because of her? Or how about her? How do you think she would feel knowing you two hadn’t spoken because of her?

Emotions are strong, very powerfully compelling things. But so often we let them control or ignore them completely.

We, most people, choose to set aside saying how we feel to keep from addressing how we feel. Not just because we want to avoid hurting others, or admitting to others how we feel, but the fact that many of us don’t want to admit how we feel because it is awkward or hard to accept maybe putting things aside and being happy for others is the best path.

Please think of all those who you love, all those who mattered in your past… Do you miss them? Do you wish you could tell them how you feel? If yes, then do it.

Yeah just maybe you would have told your friend goodbye because you really don’t like your ex.. But at least you would know you were honest with how you feel. Sometimes enough goodbye’s will allow someone to realize someone who is bad for them. Sometimes enough I love you’s can make someone who hurts feel better. Sometimes being a friend in the truest form, can change another person’s life.

No, this isn’t a forward. This is just one thing I wanted to give to you, my friends. If you choose to share, please do feel free. While you are at it, please tell them Naanad says they wish them well also.

Maybe a little positivity in this world will make up for all the negative things going on around us.

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