1991 Pontiac Firebird GTA

The Trans Am GTA – Gran Turismo Americano RPO Y84

Some say, that the name Gran Turismo Americano had to do with Pontiac wanting to connect to the Euro concept which was used to market the brand. I like to think that the GTA stands for Grand Trans Am’s, since the GTA’s were for the most part, the top of the line from the Firebird line.

The GTA was produced from 1987 to 1992 when the 3rd generation “F” bodies came to an end of production. All GTA’s were equipped with Tune Port Fuel Injection, all came with the Gold Mesh wheels reminiscent of the old 1978-79 Trans Am wheels.

Another distinction to the GTA, is that they were never built as a convertible. For the interior, all GTA’s came with articulating bucket seats, the most comfortable sports seats, I have ever sat in, available in either cloth or the optional leather.

From 1987 – 1990 all GTA’s looked virtually the same. In 1991 Pontiac revised the look of the Firebird, so, 1991 and 1992 the final year of the F-body looks different from the rest. For 1991, only 2035 GTA’s were produced for America and 48, for Canada. In 1991 I had owned a very rare GTA, as it was equipped with the high output 305 Tune Port and a 5 speed manual. According to G.M about 160 of those were made. The High Output 305 came with dual cats, and the Hp rating was just 10 shy of the 350. Needless to say, that was a fun car to drive.

To top it off, that car was originally made for a top Pontiac Executive and was auctioned off with less than 1000 miles. To this day, I’m almost certain, that, that particular car got special treatment, as it was able to pull away from Corvettes of the same model year equipped with the 350ci power plant, G.M’s top of the line sports car.

The current GTA in my collection, is equipped with all the performance goodies, including RPO code J65 Front and rear disc brakes. The power plant RPO code L98 5.7 ltr. With RPO N10 dual exhaust rated at 245 hp, just 5 hp shy of the same model year Corvette and 350 ft.lbs.

The Exterior paint is the RPO 45U Medium Green Metallic with an Interior RPO 662 Beechwood (tan) leather. In my opinion, one of the best color combinations for the GTA, as all the emblems match the gold color of the mesh wheels. The contrast of the Green metallic paint with tan leather and gold mesh wheels, makes for the perfect color combination.

As usual, the only thing missing on this car, is T-Tops which I refuse to own, as these are the weakest structurally of the F-bodies. Car was ordered with the optional cd player, although my pictures don’t show it. The previous owner wanted the ability of plugging in MP3’s and did not want to modify the original radio, thus the original radio has been boxed up. The current radio has the cassette option and has been modified for MP3, plug up.