Big day today

Can't think of how to Unlove You

Few big things today.

First, I made it to work! Yeah…. So glad I did. I hate being sick.

Second, I got the upcoming chat event posted on both the Google group and the Facebook groups as an actual “event.” We’ll see what happens with turn out with these changes.

Lastly I just got a great article from a cardiologist and good friend on healthy foods to eat that burn as much if not more calories as your body tries to digest them. I thought I’d share.

15 Foods That Burn More Calories Than They Contain

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Seriously… 23% is the best I can get


Sleep as Android: Sleep 06/05 7:18pm → 7:29am

Last night should have been great sleep. There’s no excuse for this. It shows me as awake, but I can assure you, if I was I was I was not aware I was. I’m guessing the second time was  roommate let the boys out. I probably had a conversation and no clue what I said. Haha

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Feeling Amazing

Being Amazing

Feeling Amazing
Feeling Amazing

Sometimes the simplest things can bring the greatest joys in life. Doing something for others has always been so rewarding for me. Not because I get some sort of benefit, like with being staff at Quakecon, but because SEEING something amazing happen, for others. Seeing someone gain great memories that they can share with their families, their friends. That is such a life long gift, life long pay back that I did something to make their lives better. THAT helps make me feel amazing.

How Today was Amazing

With that in mind, I did a case study interview tonight, clarifying I know I’m exceptionally lucky. Knowing others who have had it as long as I have, have already been driven to suicide. Knowing I’m still working 5 times longer than most who have it. And it was amazing.

I hope that with my words, with my knowledge the other medical students in her class will learn something so vital for the future pain siblings.

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Busy bee

Been working in so many projects I haven’t taken much time for this site. But I’m starting to catch a hold of things and am scheduling time to do this as well.

Projects currently on going:
Share & Make Aware
Classic performance
My InterX therapy (takes 1.5-2 hours a day.)
My new 40 hour a week IT job
My 30-4 hour a week IT job (setting up lifeline systems)
My 2-10 hour a week sales rep job (for HP)

So one could argue I’m over doing it. But I LOVE working. I’m never bored this way.

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