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As that many of us have tried to submit articles to get attention to our local newspaper offices, the nationally broadcasted medical advice columns (The Doctors), and more, I want to recommend that you include this as your letters closing. It is a way to acknowledge that this is something you are trying to bring awareness to. In doing so, here is a closer for your letter. And as always, remember to try and stay positive while writing. It can be a hard thing to do during a flare, but I think everyone can agree that it helps the reader connect with you and your plight a little more passionately if you are asking for help not telling. Each of our letters will touch the person reading in some way. And even if that one letter makes them feel just a moment of what we suffer, it might help compel them to do the right thing to share and make aware to those they know as well.

Even if only one or two letters make it to someone to be read, please end your letter with this:

We, the people speaking out for RSD/CRPS sufferers, are attempting to bring awareness of this disorder in hopes to educate the public and those of the medical field who might not yet know about it. This is real and we are hurting, we are burning, and the fire just keeps spreading.

Please help us extinguish the fire, by educating the masses. ShareandMakeAware.org

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  1. I’ve bn suffering w RSD for over 12+yrs. It’s an incredibly horrific disease because noone has heard of it and very few Dr.’s know how to properly tx it. Plus, as in my case, it is a Work Comp case in CA so I’m NOT BEING TX’d correctly on purpose! And on top of sit-up I’ve gt fibromyalgia as well which was dx’d b4 the RSD. I’d love to help w/making this disease more aware any way I possibly can. I dont hv much use of my hands but hv a big mouth! Kristine O’Donnell

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