Pain Awareness Empowerment

POPF September is pain awareness month

For a healthy person, pain is a warning signal that something is wrong. For a chronic pain patient, it is a state of being. A VERY unpleasant state of being, but one none the less they identify with because they cannot avoid it. They wake up in pain, work all day in pain, sleep in pain if they can sleep at all.

POPF September is pain awareness month
POPF September is pain awareness month

Living in pain is not a small feat for anyone. Existing this world, transgressing the difficulties of being disabled due to an invisible illness or even those with it visible, it is a difficult and awkward time of life. So groups like iPain and US Pain Foundation have a month they celebrate those warriors who keep on fighting, called pain awareness month. That month started yesterday.

We all likely know someone in pain, but may not even know it. So I challenge each person to post something about how you support those with chronic pain, as you would someone with mental illness or diabetes. Help them know that they can come to you if they want to talk about it.

The best thing we can do in our lives is empowering others and empower ourselves. Learning doesn’t have to stop when we graduate high school or college. We have opportunities EVERY DAY. So I challenge you to LEARN about others conditions. You might just save a life knowing more about someone else and what they deal with.

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