When cooking, don’t grab the metal part of the grill to move it. DOH! (This is just one hands burn.)

And when microwaving things (ring finger same hand just now) don’t depend on one hand to retrieve it from the machine.

I’m glad my #CRPS made my nerves respond weird or I would have dropped the bowl. #burned #nofeeling

Bulk cooking today. This is some of the grilled chicken & my lunch. The baked chicken with stuffing was still in the oven. My 1 hour of work could feed me one healthy and filling meal a day for over a week. (10 breasts cut in 2/3 and 1/3 pieces to give options if I’m in a “lot” or “little” mood.) (at Willow Bend, Plano, Texas)

CRPS & the Snowball Effect: Sleep

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

When you pull a rubber band to its furthest point, what happens? It breaks. But what if our bodies are that rubber band and our pain is constantly pulling our bodies needs and our lives we try to live in, in two different directions. Eventually something will give.

And at first, it’s painfully obvious to our friends and families that live with us. Our ability to sleep is going, going, gone! But…

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