My smoothie, cuddle bugs & @InterXTherapy. Not my typical Thanksgiving, but no complaints. Sometimes changing things up helps not only force new ways to think, but grants you new opportunities. (at Avignon Windhaven, Plano, Texas)

Lunch with great company. While the company might be four legged & ominously watching my food WAITING for me to walk away from it, they’re still so cute. (at Avignon Windhaven, Plano, Texas)

Disabled: Superhero in Disguise

Disabled: Superhero in Disguise


This weekend I got to enjoy the movie Doctor Strange with my family. I have always been a major comic book nerd and when there is a Marvel or DC movie I am all over it.
superheroesBenedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Doctor Strange was amazing but not because of the character’s heroism but because of the character’s disability. In the beginning of the movie, you meet an overly capable Doctor, who borders on…

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