This is Milly, my cat, five years old, And I present you too her new friend : Bad. Bad need to go away of Milly, why? Because there risk that Bad is in fact a dangerous tumor. You know, parasite who will take away my cat.  This is why I need her to have her operation so i could make that things go in analyse to see if it’s was a dangerous or not.

I’m still taking 9 commssions! ( Full body, full color are at 35 ) 

Please help me… 

8 remaining! ( Possibility to take more, but 8 to be able to send her to remove Bad. ) 

Thanks for all the reblogs, still need some help still, so continue to spread the words 🙂

But unfortunately Beatrice’s humans are broke and she is a lazy cat that makes her humans work for her.

So she has convinced her human that though she cannot afford to commission @artofaokori that she can still offer assistance in some way.

For each remaining FULL BODY commission that @artofaokori needs to be able to afford taking Milly to the vet I will also offer 1 sketchy, colored portrait at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

You can find additional examples here.

So get them while they last!


I have 7 remaining commissions full body, full color to be able to pay for the full operation and help my kitty!  Soon! 

Thanks Celestial, seriously, I’m so happy and thats so generous from you! . 

Because sometimes we need to give to receive. And this is a great giving for her pet. Please consider sharing or purchasing her work.

Greetings…. My name is…

Greetings…. My name is…

Hi my name is...

Hi my name is...

Hi my name is…

Hi my name is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome… some friends who have known me for a very long time call me RSD or CRPS…… I’m an invisible inflammatory disease that attacks your sympathetic nervous system.
I am now velcroed to you for life. If you have CRPS you hope for remission but there is no cure.
I’m so sneaky–I don’t show up in your blood work, in x-rays, MRI’s can’t detect me,…

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New Website Options on RCDOM

New Website Options on RCDOM

With the new website comes more options, more privacy, more that we want to offer.


First of all, if you have a WordPress account, you can use that same account to log in here.  If not, or you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to.


You can create your own profile and with Gravatar and choose your own icon image.


We’re always looking for good information and if…

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Little Things Can Add Up

Little Things Can Add Up

Little pick me ups

imageI cannot express how much I love my friend, Brittany. So, what does that have to do with RSD/CRPS Doesn’t Own Me you might ask. Well it’s because she leaves little notes like this in the bathroom and every once in a while she or her hunny will share them on Facebook. I’m not sure if they are for him, for her, or for them both.

But what I do know, is having little reminders…

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