To all cops with a ‘7-11’ in their district: stop by after midnight and you can get food for the homeless


stores have their own subs, fruit and some other food that have a
sell-by date, and when it reaches midnight on that date, they are
required to throw it away. The food is still good though, and you can
ask the clerk after 12 if they have anything that they’re throwing away
that night that you can take to the homeless. The stores in my area
always have a bunch of stuff they’re throwing away, and they’re not
allowed to take it home but if you’re on duty and explain what it’s for
then they usually are more than happy to. I usually wait untill around 1
a.m. so they’ve had a chance to gather all their throwaways and mark
them off.

And on the cold nights, they usually will let you grab a tray of hot chocolates to pass out as well.

Edit: according to /u/StoneColdJonStark
: QuikTrip, RaceTrac, WaWa, Sheets, and all manner of similar
convenience stores do about the same thing at around the same time of
night. Don’t limit yourself geographically!


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