Ketamine Infusions Available in Texas


Ketamine has become a front running line of defense for both during necessary surgeries and as the other medicines fail to relieve symptoms for CRPS patients. For those who might not know, there is a member of the community who is one of the first American’s to undergo the ketamine coma and successfully achieve long term remission, Jonathan Haag. He has not only taken his remission and made an attempt to make a difference for the community by educating health professionals about CRPS, but he himself has become one. Since his procedure, he has gone on to become a registered nurse and will be providing ketamine infusions at his employers office in San Antonio, Texas.

Cost of ketamine

And as such he knows how our community battles with financial battles, he has worked with his employer to get information not only on the financial information we might need ahead of time, but also they are working on discounts for group treatments.

So why group treatments you ask? Getting treatments with someone you trust that understands your pain allows you to not only get discount on your treatments, but allows you to stay together at the hotels while you are recovering together, thus decreasing your travel costs. Add in the factor of having a friend who understands your battles, and your pain, the positive influence alone can help increase your success chances for the treatment.

  • 4 hrs – $500
  • 6 hrs – $750
  • 8 hrs – $900
  • The one hour high dose Johnathan gets is $500 (this is just another example, not recommended for new to ketamine patients)

Who is the provider?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarado, who is providing these services, is also the same doctor who over saw Johnathon’s own treatment when he did his ketamine coma, so this doctor is very familiar with ketamine.

Johnathan recommends that if you should decide you are interested in this, please call the appointment line, 210-910-6653,  and say you are interested in the ketamine infusion when you call. While you are discussing with them your options, also ask about promotions. They may have more than just the group discount available.

Dr. Alvarado’s office also treats fibro, PTSD, phantom limb pain, and migraines with ketamine.

Venn Diagram of Psychoactive Drugs: Ketamine
Venn Diagram of Psychoactive Drugs: Ketamine Resource:

What about insurance?

And the infamous question: what insurance providers do they accept? Because not all of us are in Texas, they are recommending contacting your providers directly to see about pre-approval for the treatment so that you are aware ahead of time if there is any out of pocket expense that would be involved. This will allow for providers to contact their office about access and maybe help some who are from out of state get treatment that might not otherwise be available.

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