Slut shaming has nothing on this

If anyone reads this take a moment and think of how many lies you heard and said nothing about. All it takes is, “are you sure about that?”

When a 17 year old girl is told by her father that he had nothing to say when his coffee buddy falsely claimed he slept with her, not knowing the man he was confessing to the girl’s father. The father knew she was at home doing her homework the evening before, but his only response was silence because he didn’t know what else to say. I’m sorry but slut shaming has nothing on that.

Don’t blame your daughter for rumors if you don’t have the balls to put a foul thing you associate with in his place when YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.

A man confessed statutory rape… Falsely. And the father was ASHAMED of his daughter.

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It’s awkward being in possible remission from CRPS. Because when I did this before, it would sting, maybe/probably burn. Now my only clue is moisture on my right hand from the skin I gashed off under my nails, touching the palm of my hand. Sure I felt resistance, but I thought it just “but a scratch” not “a fresh wound.” (haha. Sorry need to laugh.) But seriously. It’s weird injuring yourself and feeling NOTHING because your body has built up this a pain tolerance.