Any trans ladies in need of some free make up?



I am pairing down my make up collection since it tends to be the things I buy at the pharmacy when I am feeling bad about being a sick kid (aka waiting on the pharmacist to fill my meds.) and I know how expensive it is to start a new make up kit.

I thought this could be a fun and helpful way to cut down on my make up supply. Its all good stuff and most of it is very very gently used (the stuff I will send will be anyways.) and yeah. I can send it in a package and if you’re in a living situation where purchasing make up isn’t safe, this might be an easier way! It’ll just be a “care package from a friend!”

I’m a fair-medium skinned white girl, so I am afraid I probably won’t have anything for our sisters of color. But maybe if we spread this post, other people will get the same idea to pair down their own collections and share the love. 

US or Canada only please. Int’l shipping is exspensive :-/ 

Reblogs appreciate muchly! Just message me if you’re interested. I have enough for maybe 2 or 3 ladies! (eye shadow, blush, (unused) lipsticks etc.)

Boosting this again!!

Any of my trans friends or know someone who could use a start up kit?

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