Big day today

Can't think of how to Unlove You

Few big things today.

First, I made it to work! Yeah…. So glad I did. I hate being sick.

Second, I got the upcoming chat event posted on both the Google group and the Facebook groups as an actual “event.” We’ll see what happens with turn out with these changes.

Lastly I just got a great article from a cardiologist and good friend on healthy foods to eat that burn as much if not more calories as your body tries to digest them. I thought I’d share.

15 Foods That Burn More Calories Than They Contain

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This weekend

Being Existential

I saw the fruit of my actions in play.  A friend who previously smiled but had hidden pain in his eyes is now a vibrant,  vivacious, and happy man after our discussions. I’ve never been so happy to end a relationship for two people.

Sounds heartless, I know, but living a lie just to avoid hurting someone, only makes a deeper wound when they figure it out themselves. If you don’t love and know you, how can you expect someone else to.

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Spent the evening setting up my replacement phone. Working much better.  Just need everything set up.

Also spent 45 minutes chatting with a 30 year veteran of RSD on twitter. Love that man to death. I’m so glad he’s still with us.

Anyway,  bed time calls!

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RSD Angel Express September Edition

RSD Angel Express September Edition

As some know A. M. Styles, author of the RSD Fighters Creed, produces the RSD Angel Express quarterly and once again he has not failed to impress.

[gview file=””%5D

For those who would like to see and or download the previous editions, you can find a copy of them on our page.

Future editions can be requested by…

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RCDOM now has Forums!

RCDOM now has Forums!


Our New Forums

We now have forums up.

You can find them here. Why did we put forums on our site you ask? Well, we went with this option after users pointed out”wall” posts to our Facebook were public and their family and friends were notified and we wanted to include our Twitter and Google Plus families.

You will find two forums, but you will not see anything in the “support” forum. Users can…

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Rose’s Testimonial

Rose’s Testimonial

Rose conquering the mountain, with RSD!

Rose conquering the mountain, with CRPS!

Hi there, my name is Rose and I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. My CRPS is from my mid left thigh down but more aware of my left side.

Back on August 11, 08 I dropped a road scooter on my leg and smashed it. The ambulance officer (ambo) thought I had only sprained my knee. She came to check on me in hospital after the first lot of scans which was…

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Suicide Prevention

Public service announcement regarding RSD/CRPS/Causalgia and Suicide

Please remember, when you call a Suicide Prevention line, be sure to clarify when you speak to them that the reason your calling is to help get your mind off of doing this.

As we all face this monster every hour of every day, all year long, sometimes we say things healthies can misunderstand. For example, if we say we have the…

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