When I woke up. I didn’t expect this.


Sleep as Android: Sleep 08/02 12:57am → 7:06am

As some know, I went to InterX a week and a half ago again in Dallas.  I woke up tired as my dogs were begging to go out. I set my phone to awake and let them out. Then I went back to nap some more. (I’ve tested and there is a little more sensitivity with my watch then my phone, BUT only maybe 5%, more, so this is still clear into the 70’s, the second in a week.)

These are the direct results from my treatment. This is how getting medical help should make you feel. Now it’s not EVERY NIGHT yet. But from barely getting 15-20% in January, up to 60% constantly in March back down into my 20% range again way too frequently.  Seeing a near 80% this morning sent my brain into shock!

I love you all and can’t thank Janice enough for the help in giving my life back.

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