Questions to ask your doctor

Questions to ask your Doctor

As the and interview comes up we’ve contemplated, what are the important questions patients want the answers to.

So here’s some of the questions we have created and you told me you’d like answered about new treatments along with some of our own:

Effectiveness Questions

Questions to ask your Doctor
Questions to ask your Doctor

How effective is it? Do patients report pain levels decreased to months before, years before? Is it reported to decrease a percentage of the pain patients are experiencing?

How long do the effects last? Days, weeks, months, years? Does it come back suddenly or progressively like how it came on before?

Treatment Info Questions

Does the treatment have a recommended/known time period to complete a successful treatment? 1 visit, staggering visits over several weeks/months, or a battery of treatments slowly weaning off to avoid a “dependency”?

Is there clinical trial information? How many people did the trial, what type of trial was done, who ran it, where are the papers on it published?

What are the side effects? How long do they last?

Why is the doc advocating this treatment (& cross-check answer w physician payment databases)?

How long has this been used on patients, this way? In other ways?

How did this combination come to be used together, is there any other treatments you recommend or don’t recommend trying in combination with this?

Is there a maximum life time dosage that any patient can be exposed to these treatments?

  • Jaclyn Drexel

Potential Downfalls Questions

Contraindications with current medicines/treatments? Are there any conditions/medications that require close monitoring or possible dose tweaking due to the treatment?

  • asked by @NASheridan: & Jaclyn Drexel & Judy Halas

Any major long term problems/side effects from the treatment known at this time?

Thank you to everyone who helped create this list. If more great questions are suggested, we’ll be adding them with credits.

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