ABCs of RSD – L is for…

L is for…


Love, somethings are more important than physical toys and things we need, want, and none of them were nearly as important as the love and care we receive from our family, friends, and caregivers.

L is for…


Laugh, because it’s so very helpful to combat pain. It helps with the chemicals in our brain to combat depression, our perception of the severity of pain, and come on, it’s FUN to laugh. So grab a comedy and let them rip!

L is for…

Living, because even if it’s not the life we wanted to live growing up, the life we worked for in college, it’s still a life we’re living by circumstances. And through living, we open opportunities we make a difference in others lives. And as such that is what makes us different. We can educate, we can offer support, we can lead those who need our help going forward in life to make their differences to. So be honest but keep our short do they don’t get confused.

And from our favorite Jaclyn

L is for… love

L is for…¬†Laughter

L is for… Labs and the blood they take and the hair we lose waiting on results

L is for…¬†Live life to the fullest

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