ABCs of RSD – I is for…

I is for…

Internal organs are vital for us to function, take good care of them. Talk wit your doctor about your medicines and what they could be doing to you.

Internal, is something that this can eventually be, but as long as we are attentive to our bodies, we can help moderate the symptoms by taking medications like stomach protecting medications to avoid damage to it by our medicines for everything else.

I is for…

Intense, I don’t think I really need to explain this one, because it is fairly self explanatory. Life with RSD/CRPS/Casualgia is intense. It’s rarely ever simple, it rarely ever makes sense. But with support, it can be taken to a tolerable level.

I is for…

Icy is such a unpleasant symptom of this.

Icy, a symptom many of us know too well. The freeze that comes and feels like even our bones are chilling sometimes. Sometimes accompanied by sweats, by pain. But never pleasant, feels like it is never relenting until it finally passes. At this point, a warm (NOT HOT) bath is great for helping soak these limbs to help sooth some of the beast.

 I is for…

Incomprehensible, so many times we try to explain to healthies what we mean, but in many ways, we know it is just this, incomprehensible to fully understand what we are going through. But I don’t know about you, but in some ways, I’m glad. Because I’d rather NO one had this, than to have another one of us who did in this world.

I is for…

The ineffable doctor who we don’t want to say their name


  1. incapable of being expressed in words
    • indescribable<ineffable pain>
    • unspeakable <ineffable symptoms>
  2. :  not to be uttered :  taboo <the ineffable name of the doctor who failed to diagnose it early on>

I is for…

From Jaclyn

Ice – education that there are appropriate times when the use of ice is necessary and therapeutic, though they are few and far between

Immune system which is compromised
Definitions are linked to their original source via their word link and modified to fit RSD
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