ABCs of RSD – H is for…

H is for…


Hope, is something so vital for us on our worst days. Finding a reason to believe tomorrow will be less pain. Tomorrow will be a better day.  It is so important to find hope in life. Look to your friends, your family, what you can do, rather than what you used to be able to do. Because this is a forced lifestyle change. One no one wants to have, but once we embrace the positive, the challenge of finding what we can do now in life and embracing those skills. We give ourselves new hope.

From Jaclyn–  Hope – don’t ever give up on hope because that is often the thing that keeps us going

H is for…

It’s ok to ask for help.

Help is something many of use don’t want, but we do need. It is humbling asking for help, but sometimes everyone, even healthy people need it. So don’t think that help is a bad thing. Just think of help as something we all need sometimes.

From Jaclyn–  Help… we all need to know when to ask and admitting we need it is half the battle

H is for…

Happiness comes in many ways

Happiness doesn’t come to those who want it. It comes from finding the little joys in life that matter more than anything. Those moments where we are in low pain, those moments of reading a book to a child, the moments we still make differences that are long lasting that we may not enjoy, but someone else who needed us had us there for them. I know many of us can’t work all the time, most can’t even work part of the time. But sometimes your local hospital, church, or public library can find something you can do for an hour or two when you are up for it. Consider it the next time you are feeling up to calling around. You may just find something that you can look forward to when you are up for it.

H is for…

Our heart can be affected too, in good and unplesant ways

From Jaclyn

Heart, which can be affected by full body showing symptoms of POTS (Paroxysmal Orthotatic Tachycardia Syndrome) when the nerves to the heart don’t work right causing the symptoms of POTS… high heart rate, fainting, etc….

Health, that we wish we had.

Heat, it is safer to apply heat than ice for pain except the few indications that ice is appropriate.

Hugs, with permission of course, because we need to feel loved and comforted and most of the time a hug will make us feel better!

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