ABCs of RSD – G is for…

G is for…

Following the golden rule can help you keep golden friends!

Golden, as in the golden rule. So many times we forget when we are in pain others are too. The urge to vent over comes our judgment and we say things out of frustration.

Give yourself a breather next time it gets bad and you feel alone. Watch a comedy, find a good comedian, something to help your disposition. And if you DO say something you realize when you’re more “yourself,” say you’re sorry. But make sure you mean it, because friends are golden too. More precious for us because they try to understand, and many just can’t.

G is for…


Giving, because just as hard as it is for us, sometimes, we hit low point financially too. And asking for help can be hard. There are lots of ways and places to give. Give time(volunteer), give money (like to 4 quarters 4 change), give an ear. But give none the less. Because we need people to take, but to have someone willing to take our burden, our hearts pain, we need to do the same for others!

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