ABCs of RSD – F is for…


F is for…

Our future awaits, only time will give us the chances we seak

Future, something we should always be looking towards. With each passing day new treatments, new options, new medicines become available. We may never find a cure, but we may find some semblance of happiness despite the pain we suffer. Never give up because tomorrow maybe the best day ever.

F is for…

Faith, regardless of what you believe, it’s been found the faith can be a great source of strength. It has four some been claimed to be the reasons for helping/healing. Faith in something, even if nothing it is still critical to help is find our needed path.

F is for…

We offer our hearts with frequency and hope to get some back

Frequency, because sometimes it’s hard for people to understand what we mean by 24/7/365. Most can’t imagine pain going on forever. But telling them that with every breathe we feel pain. Those who try to go moment about breathe.

F is for…

Fire & Flames
Fire and Flames are a reoccurring theme many of us want to extinguish.

Fire, flames and friends… first 2 are self explanatory but friends we need to stick by us and support us and not assume we don’t want to go when we have to say no so please support us and don’t forget us! (Submitted by the  lovely Jaclyn)

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