ABCs of RSD – C is for…

C is for…

Celebrate the great things in life

Celebrate, is something we do every time there is a low pain day, along with the dishes and everything else we had to put off in the time being. We deserve a moment to have a little party for those low pain moments, so we revel in the times we can be a little bit more ourselves and a little less of a frumpy, grumpy, ball of burn.

C is for…

Courage, something every patient diagnosed comes to have in their tool box for life. You find that nothing can stop you. It might be delayed in getting done, might be modified to get it done, but that mountain is not going to stop you ever, even if you have to take a wheelchair to get to the top. We will over come!

C is for…

Compassion is so important

Compassion, is necessary to truly give  those with CRPS what they need most. We sometimes feel like we are lacking in those who should care, doctors, family, friends. People who seem to grow to disbelieve because of how crazy this sounds, how crazy it really is. But please, know we couldn’t make this stuff up. We wish it wasn’t as crazy as it is. Please when it is hard to believe, know we really do wish you were right.

C is for…

Communication, it isn’t always our strong point because often our voices are lost in the pain of it all. Simple questions are sometimes easy, but other times, they are difficult to answer. But know any communication, is sometimes that which can save us from the battles within our selves.

C is for…

Community is a chance for solace

Community is so very important to help survive through the roughest portions of this challenge. People to talk to, people to just be there when it is unbearable, and this great action on your part is greatly appreciated by us all.

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