ABCs of RSD – B is for…

Balanced Rock

B is for …

The Universe is Beautiful and offers so much, don't give up on finding a small glimmer in your world every day
The Universe is Beautiful and offers so much, don’t give up on finding a small glimmer in your world every day

Beauty, for that which we all have within us.  Within each suffer is a beautiful creature created from the painful endurance’s they go through every day. Despite their difficulties they demonstrate this by their endurance of people disregard them, they offer kindness and an ear to those who they may not know but also suffer, they give their time to show love to those in their lives, they offer the wealth of knowledge to those who are new to this. All the while, suffering in semi silent agony themselves.


B is for …

The bravery to face the monsters, outside and in


Bravery because we all have our demons, both in real life and internally. And we continue to overcome them every day we can. We don’t have the opportunity to just tell our body that we need to be healthy today. That strength to try anyway, makes us brave!



B is for …

Balanced Rock
Without our balance our world can be difficult, but find that rock that balances you, and you’ll find long term happiness

Balance which is something we delicately dance around each moment of the day. Do we do dishes today or would using my hands be too much? Do we have the energy to walk through the store to get groceries or do we need to wait for tomorrow? We have a balance that we have to live, weighing the benefit to what our cost will be. Both time, energy, and physical injury just from actively pursuing the every day activities others can do so easily. But we WILL find our balance with time.

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