Awareness Month is Coming


It’s RSD/CRPS Awareness Month, so it’s time for our annual ABC’s of RSD again.

How to participate with the creation

This time we’re going to do the awareness month a little differently. We’ll be creating the posts ahead of time so feel free to use #ABCsofRSD on Twitter to help us add to the lists. Hopefully this will avoid the curse of RSD afflicting us to the point we can’t get them all done and posted for us before the month ends.

If you don’t use Twitter or don’t want to have yours included in the official posts

Or when this year’s posts go up you can add your comments to this post or respond to them on Twitter/Facebook. This is about awareness. Sharing words that help you put feelings to this monster, good, bad, honoring family/friends. Offering one word insights can help give you a way to vent without really saying much at all.

What will we have for each letter

This time also we’ll also be including a couple different levels of words, the positive, the symptoms, or other things encountered in life by those now with having RSD in their lives.

So don’t be afraid to pull out the dictionary, learn a few words that describe the life you live, how your family has been your rocks, or the symptoms you battle.

Types of words can you submit?

We’ll try to limit it to 1 negative word per letter and include at least one positive to counter balance. Because we all know that negative is so much easier to find with this then the positive. So if your word is negative, try to include a positive one too for submissions.

Over all, what type of awareness is this going to be

At least one to two words for awareness each letter to help provide insight to what we think of, feel, want to say about RSD being part of our lives.

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