Weight Gain or To Not Weight Gain, That is the Question

Many of us would say the second is our ideal intention. But we all find that this can be hard in general, but for some affected by RSD, it becomes almost impossible to avoid. The foundations to weight gain is a balance of calories consumed versus the calories used. Now yes, there are many other factors involved such as metabolism and family genetics that can make this harder to balance into a healthy life style, but I’m going to stick with the basics here.

Recently, I started trying to figure out why when I was diagnosed with RSD I gained so much weight in such a short time, 20 – 25 pounds in a year and a half approximately. Now, I won’t lie I have always been very thin and had to force myself to gain weight at one point, so I’m a fortunate person who is lucky enough to have a very high metabolism to start with.

Right before I reached my peak of 170, I decided I would not gain more than 200 because I knew my family was plagued by heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke. So I started looking into tools that helped me track my weight, my calories, and what was going on with my body.¬†That is when I fell across a program available on my android phone called “Calorie Counter.” It allowed me to look up the individual foods, and then enter them in to find out how much I was eating per day. It also allowed me to sync with a website so I could track and work on loosing weight with my friends. Well I wasn’t worried about a group weight loss issue, just wanted to work on my own.

Due to a recent letter sent to one of our more active members, I have decided to offer the site I use to everyone if they would like to try and monitor their calories taken in and weigh should they so desire:¬†http://www.fatsecret.com. To be honest I don’t go to the site very often but if you would like to add me, I use the name “naanad” for just about everything.

My point is, sometimes we can’t get around. Sometimes our bodies hurt. And making sure we are using the calories that we are taking in the same amount and not more than we need for the day, can help us avoid gaining too much weight.

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