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Share and Make Aware

For some time “Share and Make Aware” has been offline. As that we are now just coming back, we are completely redoing the website. People are welcome to sign up and submit articles, if they so desire. But as that the site is focused on educating not only society as a whole, but also medical professionals. I expect any articles submitted to be fully documented with where information is found and quoted properly, this is including articles by medical journals.


Now as that many of these journals contain medical language please, it is understandable if you reword them into more easily understood language. But be sure to document quotes if they are as such, if you are unsure about what classifies as plagiarism, please see this FAQ overview.


Also as that there are studies being done actively and are being published now, it is highly important that you document the dates of the information. Some information from 2002 may still be valid, but some has been updated. As medical professionals make huge strides in the knowledge about RSD (Reflexive sympathetic dystrophy), we aim to help people have the best and most accurate information.


All information submitted will be reviewed and as long as information appears to meet these requirements and it is complete it will be published on the website.

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