Death, Life, & Living the Life You Want to Live

Death is something to plan for starting birth. But even if you wait, it’s always a good idea to try to decide what you would want done if your near death, such as car accidents, strokes, and other events which might take your voice. Can you be happy if you only regain your ability to speak, use hands, one hand, only use a machine to speak, or all your body functions controlled by a machine for an extended time. What if that time is 2 hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades?┬áIf it helps, picture what you were doing that long ago…. If you lived none of it and suddenly woke up and missed it ALL. Would you be happy?

The next part is the hard part. DISCUSSING this with friends and family. Because with no voice they may have to. And don’t just speak to one or two. WHY? Because if they are in the car with you, they might be in the same or worse situation.

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